Rating to Win View

The Rating to Win (RTW) is the rating level each horse needs to produce in today’s race to win with the weight it is carrying.
Please note that Rating to Win is derived from the Formline Ratings, so if you do not susbcribe to a Data Option that includes Formline, you will not have access to the Rating to Win View.
The RTW is the sum of the Class Value of today’s race and the net weight to be carried by each horse. For example...
[a] Class Value –12.8, weight carried 56.5 = RTW 43.7
[b] Class Value    1.2, weight carried 53.0 = RTW 54.2

The RTW View is ranked in the currently selected Ranking order, and usually contains the following columns;
The Saddlecloth/TAB number
The horse's name
The horse’s Handicap Weight
The Jockey Allowance
The maximum Formline Weight Rating the horse has achieved in its last 16 starts
The rating that the horse needs to achieve today to win
Generic Nett Rating (The nett rating of the currently selected ranking order)
Today’s Formline Nett Rating
R1 - R16
The Formline Rating for each of the horse’s past 16 runs


You can see in the above example that the values in the Nett and FL Nett columns are the same for each horse. This is because Formline happens to be the currently selected ranking order. If the field was ranked by, say Trakform Ratings, each horse's values in the two columns would be different.

The Max ratings are colour coded to enable you to readily identify the degree to which each horse has achieved the required level of RTW at one or more of its past sixteen runs.

These colours are as configured for Overlays in the Setup Colours menu.

The past 16 runs are colour coded to make it easier to determine fitness when assessing the field on the RTW Screen. These colours indicate those runs in which the horse has resumed from a Letup, Break or Spell and match those colours specified to highlight a return from a Letup, Break and Spell. The same colours appear in the Date and Days fields on the horse Form Screen.

Some ratings have one, two or even three asterisk flags (*, **, ***) next to them. Each asterisk flag is assigned by our handicapper as an expected improvement equal to 1.5kgs

Some ratings have a '+' flag next to them. A + (plus flag) is assigned by our handicapper as an expected improvement of 6kgs. These are usually assigned when a horse runs in a totally unsuitable race or the performance was way below realistic expectation.

Some ratings have a ‘c’ flag next to them. The ‘c’ flag indicates that the rating assigned to that run was computer-generated because it relates to overseas form or a rating which has been produced in advance of final results having been processed for that historical race.

The data from the Rating to Win View can be sent to your word processor to be printed. Click the 'Print Race' button to print the current race only, or the 'Print All' button to have the data from all loaded races included in the printout.

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