More Printout Configuration Options

More options to aid in customising your printout exist on the four other tabs in the Setup Printout Parameters box. Clicking on the General tab will display the following…

Your print output can be specified as either RTF (Rich Text Format) or TXT (Text only).

If you prefer your printout to retain formatting that you specified in your Print Configuration, for example Font, Font size and colour, boldness, underlines and full graphic photo finish, you will need to leave the File Format at the default setting – RTF.

TXT (text) files are just plain text – no colour, no formatting.

Please note that GTX sends the print output to the word processor on your computer that is associated, through Windows® File Associations, to the .RTF or .TXT file extensions. In a typical Windows® setup, TXT files are sent to Notepad®, and RTF files usually to Microsoft Wordpad®. If you prefer to use another word processor, say Microsoft Word® for RTF files, simply change the file association via Windows® File Types facility.


24 is the default setting that instructs GTX to print details of the whole field. You can change this number to whatever suits you.

If, for example, you print in GTX Rating order, and you were interested in only the top-raters, you may prefer to print the details of only say, the four top-rated horses. In that case, simply enter the number 4 in the text box.


When printing with this setting in the default setting 0, the page breaks in your printout will be determined by your chosen font size, the amount of data being printed and the page size and orientation. A combination of these factors could result in a printout with all of the data from one race and a portion of the next race on a page. You may prefer to have only one race printed on each page or, depending on the amount of data you specified, two races per page. Replace the 0 to specify your preference.

This default setting instructs GTX to ignore scratched horses and leave them out of the printout.


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