Photo Finish

The Field View also contains the graphical Photo Finish, which can be selected or deselected with the Photo button on the Speed Bar or the Mini SpeedBar.

The 'Photo Finish' represents a 'photograph' of the assessed finish of the race displayed according to the net rating for the currently selected rating method. It is similar to the race pictures published in the racing newspapers and gives a visual image of horses, complete with saddlecloth numbers and names. The jockey silk colours display the predominant listed colours. Horses are also colour coded to match the description. The photo finish displays margins determined from the net ratings being displayed at that time and, depending on the points per length chosen in the Setup>Ratings>GTX>Points per Length, and covers approximately 15 lengths. This feature is a great visual guide for helping you to structure trifecta and quinella combinations in a hurry.

The 'Points per Length' is a setting which is configurable by the user, and is initally set at a factory default setting, for example 1.5 points per length for the GTX Rating. This means, for example that if two horses had a rating difference of three points, they would appear two lengths apart in the Photo Finish when GTX ranking order is selected.


In certain circumstances all horses will appear to be winning in the 'Photo Finish'. Two examples of this would be when the horses are ranked in TAB order, or if the 'W%' Rank button was selected in a Maiden race.


When the GTX Speed Map icon on the Rank Bar is selected, the Speed Map image replaces the Photo Finish at the bottom of the Field View window.

The height of the Photo Finish and Speed Map windows can be increased by positioning the mouse pointer inside the window and holding down the left mouse button. Holding down the right mouse button will decrease the height.

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