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The Printout feature in GTX enables you to print the race details and form as a personalised form guide to take to the track or the TAB.  GTX does not physically print the document, but sends it to the relevant word processor on your computer from where you actually print it.

You can choose what information you want to print and in what order you want it to appear. You can choose which Ranking Order you want in your printout.

The first two printout samples below are both in the default Printout Setup configuration - the first is printed in the Saddlecloth/TAB order, while the second is printed in the GTX Rating Order. Other available ranking orders are Win Percent, Place Percent and Average Prizemoney Index (API), Consistency and the three TABs (QLD, NSW and VIC).

These samples have used only three of the elements available for configuring a printout - the Race Info (the blue heading) and the Parameter Heading and the Parameters. You can choose the font you prefer, and its format (colour, bold, size, underline etc) although for data aligned in columns, it would be advisable to use a fixed-width typeface such as Lucida Console or Courier New to ensure that the data columns are kept tidy. 


In the following sample, the user has chosen a different font and colour for the Race Info (heading) and has specified that a blank line be inserted after the heading, followed by the Parameter Headings which have been underlined. The list of runners follows, this time ranked in Win Percent (W%) order, with the user's choice of parameters.

Then follows user-chosen Horse Details, in this case Saddlecloth/TAB number, Name and colours. Below them, the underlined Form Headings followed by form from the horse's last five runs. Again, the user chooses both the number of runs and the content to be printed.


Yet another sample below shows that this user has elected to print in GTX Rating order, showing only the top five ranked horses and the Full Graphic version of the Photo Finish. The Photo Finish can be printed with or without coloured background.


The diagram below shows the options available for printing together with a representation of how they can appear on the printout, depending on the user's choices.

The Print Race button on the Speed Bar sends only the currently viewed race to your word processor for printing.

The Print All button on the Speed Bar, and the Print button on the Mini Speed Bar send all loaded races to your word processor for printing.

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