Download Meetings

To download meeting files, simply click on the Download button on the Speed Bar, or the smaller Download button on the Mini Speed Bar, and the Download Menu will appear with the list of today's meetings at the extreme left, followed by subsequent days to its right.

Future meetings beyond those listed can be displayed by progressively clicking the ‘Go forward a day’ button and previous days can be displayed by clicking the ‘Go back a day’ button.

Meeting files are generally available at least two days before the event.

Each day's listing comprises two columns displaying the meetings available for downloading. The Metropolitan meetings, in three letter code, are in the left column and the Provincial and Country meetings are in the right column. At the foot of the columns is the 'Jockeys' file (Jocks) and the Late Jockeys file (Late).

To select meetings for downloading, you can click on each of the meetings you want, plus the jockey file for that day.  If you want all Metropolitan Meetings, click the 'Metro' button. If you want all meetings for that day, click on 'All'. The selected meetings and jockey file will be highlighted in red. Clicking on an already selected (red) meeting will deselect it.

Once you have finalised your choices, make sure you are connected to the Internet, then click the 'Connect' button. GTX then automatically connects to the appropriate server and downloads and imports your selected files, and when it's finished, all you have to do is select and load those meetings you want to view in the GTX Race Screen.

The Late File

After 9.00am each raceday you can download the Late Jockey file which will be progressively upated with Jockey Changes, Scratchings, Track Conditions, TAB Codes for the ‘Live Odds’ servers, and Unitab’s complimentary Tips and Late Mail as that information becomes available. Under normal conditions the Late file is updated approximately hourly from about 9.00am until after the first race of the last meeting of the day, unless night racing is on the agenda, in which case TRB will ensure that the necessary information is available. For night meetings the time will vary, however the Late file will be available before the first event of the evening.

As previously mentioned, the Late file will also contain the TAB codes of the day's meetings, which allow GTX to display the current TAB Win and Place Dividends, and Win, Place and Exotics pools. These dividends and pools are continually updated until the close of race, and a short time thereafter the finishing positions of the placegetters will appear in their 'FinPos' column. The display of the TAB information is dependent on the appropriate columns being selected for inclusion in the Field View. These columns are the Win Odds and Place Odds for the QLD, VIC, and NSW TABs, and FinPos. To learn how to select columns for inclusion in the various views of GTX, see Select Columns. 

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