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The Form View displays the form data for the last 8 or 16 runs of the horse in descending chronological order and is accessed from the Field View by clicking on the name of the horse whose form you want to view. Whether it's 8 runs or 16 runs is governed by the type of Data Options you subscribed to.

Tip: The default order for the horses' prior runs lists the most recent run at the top of the list - to reverse this order, hold down your <Ctrl> key and double-click the horse's TAB/Saddlecloth number. The most recent run will then be at the bottom of the list. This setting will now apply to all horses in all loaded races until you change it back again.

As with other views, you have the choice of what data fields, or columns of information are displayed and in what order they are displayed. For the Form View, there are 59 fields available. To learn how to add or remove columns/fields, see Select Columns

Exclusive to the Form View are the:

To cycle through the form screens of the various runners in the currently selected race, click on the left or right arrow buttons, which will then display the previous horse or the next horse in the field - 'next' or 'previous' depending on what Ranking Order is currently selected in the Field View.  For example, if you have the runners ranked in GTX order on the Field View and you have the third ranked horse displayed in the Form View, then clicking on the red left button will display the GTX second ranked horse or clicking on the green right button will display the GTX fourth ranked horse.
To return to the Field View from the Form View, click on the circular arrow between the green and red arrow buttons or the Field View button on the Views Bar.

A few related points to note...
A finishing position of '25' in the FP (FinPos) column in a horse's form indicates that the horse did not finish that race
A coloured background in one of the ratings columns indicates that this prior run was chosen by that rating to be the most suitable to use as the qualifying run (QR) - this rating value is used as the Base rating for today's run. Each rating uses different logic to select the QR. No QR exists for WPR Rating or the GTX Rating.
The time in seconds displayed in the 'Time' column against a prior run is the elapsed time of the winner of that race, not necessarily the horse on whose Form View it appears - unless it's the winner of course. This is the Official Race Time.
The deep red background to the countdown clock indicates the time that has elapsed since the race start
Five predefined Form Filters are included with the GTX program, but several more are available by request. A total of sixteen filters is available to subscribers to the Enhanced Racing Information Data Options.
If opened from theĀ Form View, the Barrier Trial Report displays details from trials over the previous 12+ months which included the horse currently viewed on the Form View. (If opened from theĀ Field View, the BT Report displays a tab for every runner in the currently viewed race that has participated in a barrier trial during the past 12+ months.

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