The Mini Speed Bar

To the right of the Race Details, the Mini Speed Bar consists of the following buttons:

Lock Options. Locks JPen, BPen, All, Mud and Bog options on or off.
Market Exclude. Excludes horses which are rated more than the number of points specified in the Market Parameters ‘Max Points’ box in Setup>Ratings (Extended)
Barrier Trials. Opens a Barrier Trial Report, if available, relating to the horses in this race, if they have participated in a barrier trial.
Load Meetings. To select and Load Meetings into GTX.
Download. To select and Download Meetings to your computer.
Photo Finish. Switches the Graphical Photo Finish on or off.
Print. To send the user-configurable details of all loaded meetings to your word processor for printing, or <Ctrl> + Print for the current race only.

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