The Two Clocks


Two clocks are always visible at the top right of all views.

The clock on the right is simply the current time as signified by your computer's time, and matches exactly the computer clock usually seen on the Windows® System Tray at the bottom right of your Desktop. If your computer clock is not set to the correct time, these clocks will not be accurate.

The clock on the left, with the coloured background, counts down the time remaining until the start time of the currently viewed race. Once the race start time has passed, the clock then indicates the elapsed time since the race start time.

The countdown clock's background is colour coded.

The green background indicates the race start is more than five minutes away
At five minutes prior to race start the background colour changes to yellow
At one minute to start time the background becomes red
Once the race start time has passed the background changes to deep red

These background colours can be changed to your preferences via the Setup >Colours menu.

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