Backing Up and Restoring Databases

Most computer users are well aware of the need to back up data, especially user-created data, at regular intervals to minimise loss in case of a hardware or software malfunction. Fortunately, GTX provides a convenient way of backing up the various databases that result from the use of some of the features within GTX.


On the Menu Bar, click on Program>Database Backup or click the Backup button on the Speed Bar. The Backup – Restore Databases box will open showing the databases that can be backed up and later restored if necessary.



Briefly, these are:


Black Book
The Black Book database contains a user’s Black Book entries.

User Databases
These contain user-created data such as User Horse Flags, User Race Comments, User Horse Comments, Horse Profile, HorsePro Flags, and HorsePro Style.

Video Comments
A database resulting from the use of the optional subscription to Video Comments.

Results Database
The Results Database is used by the optional Wintune Module, and also for the source of data when users reimport dividends from their hard drives.

Wintune Database
A database resulting from the use of the optional Wintune Module.

Jockeys – Trainers – Sires Database
This is self-explanatory, but also includes any user-created modifications to the Jockey Penalties.

Select the databases to be backed up and click the Backup button.

The databases are now backed up in compressed (zip) files in the <.\GTX\Backup> folder. The files are:

Those users who like to copy their backups to remote media such as external hard drives, USB memory sticks or CDs can simply copy these zip files to their chosen location.

If one or more databases become corrupted in any way, it’s a simple matter to restore them to their prior state. Click on Program>Database Backup, select the database/s to be restored and click the Restore button.

After database restoration, an additional step is required if restoring User Horse Flags. On the GTX Menu Bar, click on Setup>User Horse Flags and in the Setup/Edit User Horse Flags box, click the Restore Flags from DB button. This will restore the User Horse Flags from the database to the race files.

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