We currently have two topics in the troubleshooting section; more will be added as they arise

The first topic below covers most common GTX connection issues.

The second topic covers the importance of setting the Run as Administrator option to let Windows know that you are the boss of your GTX.

Connection errors

We occasionally receive emails for help when a GTX user attempts to simply download files to GTX and one of a few error messages occurs.

Typically the user is able to connect to the Internet, receive and/or send emails, and connect to normal HTTP or HTTPS websites, but a problem occurs when GTX tries to download files.

The most common GENERIC error message   Indication that FTP connection is too slow to negotiate successfully

GTX does not use the same protocol as email apps or web browsers to download files. In simple terms GTX uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol), a system widely used to transfer files between computers via the Internet. 

When you open Download in GTX, select files or not and click Connect, GTX goes to our server and passes an encoded password and attempts to negotiate a connection, and if all is okay, the server identifies the user’s GTX authorities and passes the requested files.

Connection problems usually ONLY occur when for some reason GTX is not able to negotiate a suitable connection. The reason could be:


a) FTP connections being barred, as is often the case on ships, at airports, hotels, libraries and other public WiFi places.

If you suspect that you may be barred from using an FTP connection in your current situation, you can check by opening your Internet browser, and in the address bar, type and hit 'Enter'. If a new blank web page opens, and a small Sign in box appears (see image at right), then you know that you are not blocked from FTP connections.



b) When NBN has any of a number of issues it is often switched to a CELLULAR NETWORK where the speed is degraded and/or the signal strength is too low. In those conditions, GTX may not be able to negotiate 'hand-shaking', and an error occurs.

This image shows a message received by a GTX user from his Internet Service Provider...  

c) The user is travelling using a mobile phone as a modem and it does not have adequate signal strength. On an Android phone this is called 'tethering' and on an iPhone it is called a 'personal hotspot'. It is easy to use Internet search for either of these terms, so we won't try to explain their setups here. At right is a typical error message in this situation.


It is not uncommon for users to email us for help and it subsequently becomes clear that their Internet connection is 'down' and they have not realised. This is the first thing for you to check if you have a 'non-connection' problem.

The first suggested action is to check all connections then restart everything including modem/s computers and GTX.


Save yourself some trouble - Run as Administrator

When we are advising new GTX users about installing GTX, we always say:

After GTX is installedand before you open it, it is imperative that you do the following...

and then we explain how to set the Run as Administrator option. Sometimes that suggestion is overlooked.

A couple of GTX users recenly contacted GTX Support ( to question why they couldn't download meeting files. As it turns out, the Run as Administrator option had not been set after GTX was installed and before it was opened. Without this option having been set, Windows 10® created a new meetings folder for 2021 in its hidden archives, and saved the files there, which means that GTX was denied access to the meeting files.

The meeting files in both cases had actually been downloaded, but Windows® had saved them to a hidden location outside of the GTX file structure, so GTX didn't know about them. This is a Windows® security feature. To stop this from happening, set the option.

To set the Run as Administrator option, or to check if you've already set it:

Locate the GTX icon that you will click on to start GTX (usually the GTX icon on the Desktop) and RIGHT-click it and select Properties.
In the GTX Properties box, there is a setting you must change:

    On the Shortcut tab, click the Advanced button.

In the Advanced Properties box that opens,

select the Run as Administrator option,

then click OK.


Now you can open GTX.


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