Selecting a Font

For each section of your printout, you are able to select, and format, the font to be used. This is initiated by clicking on an A button which will open the Font box relating to the section whose button you clicked. For example, if you clicked the A button in the Race Info section, the Font box will show the currently selected Font properties which you can accept or change to suit your own requirements. If you need a particular parameter underlined, place a tick in the Underline checkbox.

Samples of the currently selected fonts and formats for each printout parameter are displayed under the heading Sample, on the right side of the Setup Printout Parameters box.

Again using the example of the Race Info heading, the image below shows the chosen font properties and the resultant printout style.

The fonts for each section of the printout can be chosen and formatted in the same manner as the example above, although, as mentioned previously it must be remembered that for data aligned in columns, such as Parameters and Form, it would be advisable to use a fixed-width font such as Lucida Console or Courier New to ensure that the data columns are kept tidy for easier reading.

The image below shows a comparison for column-aligned data between a fixed-width font and a proportional font.

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