The Meeting/Race Selection Bar

The Meeting/Race selection Bar
contains the:

  Previous Race/Next Race buttons

These are used to cycle forwards and backwards through the loaded races. The next, or previous race to display will depend on whether the meetings were loaded in Track or Post Time order.

In the above example, where Randwick Race 6 is displayed, if the meetings were loaded by Track, and the Next Race button was clicked, Randwick Race 7 would display, as it is the next race at that track.

If the meetings had been loaded by Post Time, then the Next Race to display would be Doomben Race 5, as it was the next race to start on that day.

  Race selection tabs

To display another race in the same meeting as the current race, click on the relevant race number tab.

  Meeting selection tabs

To go directly to a race that is in a different meeting than the currently displayed race, first click on the required meeting tab, then the race tab. Using the image at the top of this page as an example, where Randwick Race 6 is the current race, to view Cheltenham Race 4, you would first select the Cheltenham tab, the the No.4 race tab.

You can choose any one of four caption styles for your meeting selection tabs. To change the current style, right-click on one of the tabs and select your choice from the styles in the popup...

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