Ranking Order

Ranking Order refers to the order that horses are listed in the Field View. The runners in any race can be listed, more commonly called ‘ranked’, in a number of ways, and this can be achieved by simply selecting the relevant button on the Rank Bar.
Ranking Order buttons are displayed down the left side of the Field View. The number of buttons available to you will depend on your Data Package and/or the ratings that have been subscribed to. Runners can be ranked many different ways using the rankings shown in the image at below left.
The Rank Bar
  Some examples of rankings...
The horse at the top will be No 1, the second horse No 2 and so on, with the scratched horses keeping their places in the sequence.  
GTX Rating  
The GTX top-rated horse will be at the top, followed by the second-rated horse, third-rated and so on. Scratched horses are displaced to the bottom of the field.  
Barrier Positions  
The horses are ranked according to what gate they are starting from - the innermost gate at the top, descending to the outermost gate.  
Early Odds  
The horse with the shortest Early Odds will take the top slot, followed sequentially by the rest of the field. Early Odds are displayed in the 'MLine' (Morning Line) column.  
NSW TAB Dividends  
This ranking places the horse with the current shortest NTAB approximate dividend in the top row. If used while TAB Live Odds are active, the ranking could change to match the changing prices at the NSW TAB. The VIC TAB and the QLD TAB work the same way.  
A coloured frame around a Ranking Order button indicates the current print order of a form printout - in other words, in what Ranking Order the horses would be listed in your printout. The example shown in the image at left indicates that your printout would be printed in GTX ranked order even though your Field View may currently be ranked in Saddlecloth/TAB order, Trakform, or any other order. This means that information on the GTX top-rated horse would be printed first, followed by the second-rated, third rated and so on.

If you don't want your printouts printed in GTX ranking order, it's easy to change it to whatever order you want. You can override the Default Print Order - either for the currently viewed race, for all loaded races, or for all races. This last option would in effect be changing the Default Print Order from GTX to the ranking of your choice.

The three sample printouts at right are very simple setups chosen just as examples to indicate rankings. There is a vast amount of data that you can choose from to include in your form printouts, and you can set up as many different print configurations as you want - just choose the one you want before printing.

You can peruse our online manual's Printout Features section, or for guidelines on changing the print order, go directly to Print Setup – Print Order


In the Saddlecloth/TAB print order sample at right, you will notice that two horses are missing (1 and 10). These were scratchings.

When setting up a print configuration, you can choose to include scratched horses, or to leave them out.




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