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    Some notes about the downloadable manual

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The downloadable GTX User Manual is not in 'document' form as some would expect. It is simply a collection of the pages of the GTX Manual web site; when opened as indicated below, the manual will appear in your default browser and will look and navigate exactly as it does when you are perusing it on TRB's web site.

As such, it is not a printable document as it is not constrained to A4 size or pages. About the only advantage of having it downloaded to your computer is if you need to look at it while not connected to the Internet.

Download the manual by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page, and save the file to your Desktop. It will arrive as a zip (compressed) file, <GTX>.

If your computer is running Windows 7, double-click that file and a Windows Explorer window will open. Then simply double-click on 'DOUBLE_CLICK_HERE_TO_OPEN_GTX_MANUAL' and the Contents page of the manual will open in your browser. From there, just browse the manual as if you were online.

If you are using a version of the Windows operating system that is prior to Windows 7, download and save the <GTX> file to your Desktop, then just extract the contents to a folder of your choice, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the GTX_Manual folder and double-click on 'DOUBLE_CLICK_HERE_TO_OPEN_GTX_MANUAL'.

For convenience you could copy (or Ctrl + drag) the icon of the CLICK_HERE link to your Desktop or Quick Launch Bar or any other convenient location so that all you need to do is double click the icon to open the manual. Also, you could rename it to GTX Manual or something shorter, perhaps.

Both this downloadable manual and the online manual make extensive use of JavaScript in the menus and search functions. Some browsers by default restrict the use of JavaScript but have the option to allow it, and other browsers allow overall use with the options to disallow it.

  Internet Explorer Browser

Depending on which version you use, when you open the manual, Internet Explorer may inform you that it has ‘restricted this file from showing active content’, however it gives you the option to ‘Allow Blocked Content’.


In this case you will notice that the Menu Bar is missing the Contents and Index headings, so the menus will not be operative.

These will appear once you have allowed ‘Blocked Content’.

Once you have finished with the manual and close Internet Explorer, you will again need to ‘Allow Blocked Content’ next time you open the manual.

  Firefox Browser

If the Menu is inactive as in the first image above, you have a couple of options:

Allow javascript overall by going to Tools>Options>Content and selecting Allow JavaScript.

To allow JavaScript only on a per site basis, download the NoScript extension and configure it accordingly.

  Opera Browser

Opera allows javascript by default, but if it has been turned off at some stage, you can restore it by going to Tools>Quick Preferences>Enable JavaScript

Google Chrome Browser

Chrome allows JavaScript by default, but if it has been turned off at some stage, you can resore it by doing the following:
Click the 'Customize and control Google Chrome' button at top right of the Chrome window, and select 'Settings' from the menu.

Select 'Show advanced settings...' at the bottom of the 'Settings' page. Under 'Privacy' click on the 'Content settings...' button. In the 'Content seetings...' pop up window, in the 'JavaScript' sectrion, select 'Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)' then click 'OK'. Close the 'Settings' page.

Click the 'Reload this page' button

If you need further assistance, please contact Customer Support.

The file, <GTX> is approximately 29.2 MB

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