Barrier Trial Report

You may have noticed the BT (Barrier Trial) button on the Field View’s Mini Speed Bar and on the Form View’s Horse Details Bar (to the right of the Show/Hide Rating Graphs button). Clicking on either of these will open a Barrier Trial Report window, the contents of which will differ according to which of the two buttons was used.
Field View BT button  
Form View BT button  

If opened from the Field View, the BT Report displays a tab for every runner in the currently viewed race that has participated in a barrier trial during the past 12+ months.

Below each horse’s name tab is one or more tabs indicating the date and venue of each barrier trial involving the selected horse, and below each of those date/venue tabs are the horse and barrier trial details.

Below those details are a further two tabs: Winners and Field.

The Winners tab displays all the winners of the barrier trial heats run at the venue and date indicated on the Date/Venue tab you are viewing.

In the image at right, you can see that there were 10 barrier trial heats conducted at Belmore Park on 18 January 2021, and that the selected horse, Gorgeous Gossip, won Heat 4.

The Field tab displays the details of the horses running in the particular barrier trial heat in which the selected horse participated.  
If opened from the Form View, the Barrier Trial Report displays similar information, but only for trials which included the currently viewed horse on the Form View.  

A few things to note about Barrier Trial Reports in GTX…

  • Barrier Trial results are added to our database as they become available, and only official barrier trials are included.

  • Since early 2020, especially in Victoria, horses have been getting fitter in ‘jump outs’ which are professionally conducted but usually run over shorter distances. These ‘jump outs’ do not count when horses are required to trial before races. Accordingly there are not as many horses having official trials as there were previously.

  • Columns of data on the Winners and Field tabs can be numerically or alphabetically ranked by clicking the column’s heading. For example, in the image immediately above, clicking on the Heat heading would reorganise the list with Heat 1 at the top and 11 at the bottom.

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