Selecting Which Data to Print

To select which types of data you wish to print in your Form Printout, click Setup on the GTX Menu Bar, then click Print. The Setup Printout Parameters box will open.

Click on the ‘spanner’ button in the section you want to configure. For example, if you click the ‘spanner’ button in the Race Info section, then the Edit Fields – Race Info box will open, displaying the various fields that are available for you to include in the Race Info section of the printout.

In the image below you will see in the Available Fields list on the left, all the fields that are available to be included in the Race Info section. On the right, in the Current Fields are the fields that are currently selected to be included in the Race Info section of the printout. Also shown is the Race Info line of the printout which results from these Current Fields.

Similar Select Columns boxes display Available and Current Fields for other sections, most of which have many more Available Fields than the Race Info section depicted. For example...

The image below shows a section of a printout that is defined by the Parameter Heading and Parameter Info Current Fields. You will notice that the fonts in the printout match the fonts on the right side of the image above, under Sample. Fonts and underline are selected by clicking on the Font button. See Selecting a Font

Our final example section of printout relates to the Horse and Form sections.

Notice the blank line, or white space under each horse's form to separate it from the next horse. This is achieved by placing a checkmark, or tick, in the +Line checkbox. See Entering Blank Space.

You can also Enter a Page Break at any point.

Remove a Field

To Remove a field from the Current Fields, simply double-click it.

Add a Field

To add a field to the Current Fields, locate the field in the Available Fields list, and drag it to the desired position in the Current Fields list. Alternatively, you can double-click the field in the Available Fields list, which will add it to the bottom of the Current Fields, from where you can drag it to the desired position.

Remember to select only as many fields in your printout that will fit across the paper, otherwise each line will wrap to the next line, leaving you with a jumbled mess.

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