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Occasionally TRB will send an important message which will be automatically sent to your computer during a download session. A message could be a simple notification of a redraw at a particular meeting and the subsequent availability of new files for that meeting, or a more complex demonstration of possible strategies in creating a system with the System Builder. The message will be displayed to you automatically at the end of your download and when you close it, the message is automatically saved to your <\GTX\Message> folder. It may be saved as another file name, deleted, printed or re-opened at a later stage.

To view any previous message sent to you; On the Menu Bar, click on Program>View Messages, or click on the Message button on the Speed Bar. The View Messages window will open. Then click on File>Open. You can then select the message you want from the list of previous messages that are stored in your <\GTX\Message> folder.

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