Using the Drop Calendars

Drop calendars are used to specify a date or a date range in such instances as...

'Import Meetings from Hard Drive'
'Edit Black Book"

'Edit RPD' (Race Profile Database)

and in the Options pane of the System Developer.

As an example, consider the use of the calendars in creating the Race Profile Database (RPD) after the importation of historical data. You need to set a start date and an end date, in this case say 1 January 2000 for the start date and 31 December 2003 for the end date. 

(a)  Click the down arrow beside 'Start date' - the calendar drops down.

(b)  To cycle back to the year 2000, click on the year number, which will then be displayed in a spin box. Click the down arrow repeatedly until 2000 shows, then click elsewhere in the calendar's title bar to close the spin box.

 (c)  Then use the left or right arrow buttons to cycle the month to January. Remember, if you cycle back past January or forward past December, the year will change.

(d)  Once you have January 2000 showing in the title bar, click on '1' in the body of the calendar; the calendar will close, leaving 1 January 2000 in the 'Start date' field. The style of your displayed date may vary from that shown in this graphic, depending how you have configured Windows® to display dates (via Control Panel - Regional Settings - Date).

(e)  Then enter the end date using a similar sequence, after which you are ready to continue creating the RPD according to the date range you have just set.

This same procedure applies to wherever drop calendars appear throughout GTX, or Windows® generally.

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