Race Alarm

Want GTX to notify you when the start time of a particular race is approaching so you have time to place your bets?  No problem, GTX can do that.

On any race not yet run, you can set an alarm to notify you when the start of that race is imminent. The alarm can be set to sound anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 minute prior to the race.

To set the alarm for a particular race, start by having that race on view, then, on the toolbar right click the countdown clock - that's the colour-coded clock on the left. The 'Change the default Alarm lead time...' box will appear.

  Replace the default time of 30 with a number of your choosing between 1 and 30. For example, if you want to be notified 15 minutes before start time, enter 15. Then click ‘OK’.

Then go back to the countdown clock and left click it. You will notice that the clock will then be displayed in bold type - that's to let you know that an alarm has been set on that race. You can then click the countdown clock for each subsequent race on which you want to set the alarm.

Please remember that for the alarm to sound, your computer must have a sound card and speakers and the volume turned up to an audible level.

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