If you download the Late file after 9.30am on race day, the scratchings will be done automatically. If you do need to manually scratch a runner, it is a simple matter of clicking on the TAB/Saddlecloth number to the left of the horse's name.

When a runner is scratched from a race, the rating order, odds and barrier positions of the rest of the field are instantly and automatically recalculated and re-sorted.

To 'unscratch' a horse that was scratched in error, click the number button again.

If you need to check on the current state of the scratchings, weather and track conditions, click on Links on the GTX Menu Bar, then choose either: 

(a) One of the ‘Race Fields scratching’ links. This will open the Racing Australia web site, where you can check those details on the Scratchings and Track Conditions tabs. 

(b) ’TAB scratchings page’ which will open the site on today’s Scratchings page, showing you the scratchings, weather and track conditions.  

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