GTX Speed Map

The GTX Speed Map is a graphical interpretation of the estimated position of each horse when the field settles after the start. The map is activated by selecting the Speed Map icon on the Rank Bar whereupon the map replaces the Photo Finish at the bottom of the GTX window.

GTX employs a complex algorithm which considers past in-run positions, distances, barriers etc, to calculate each horse’s position on the Speed Map. Sectional times are not used in the algorithm.

Nothing is known about first starters so they are slotted into a mid-field position which is statistically in line with past results.

For the purposes of positioning a horse, a value is assigned by the algorithm – The GTX Speed Map Value range is 59.4 (maximum) for a predicted leader in the first of 8 'slots' to 0.0 for an extreme back marker. The values can be seen in the Nett column in your Field View when you have the Speed Map icon selected on your Rank Bar. (See inset in Speed Map image below).

In the example below the back markers have a value of 0 and 1.3 compared with the value of 56.4 assigned to the predicted leader

A few year's statistics shown at left compiled by the GTX System Developer clearly show the dominance of the five front-runners as determined by the Speed Map.

The GTX System Developer allows analysis of values, ranks, ranges and even (rated) price.


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