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Print Order is the term used to describe the sequence in which the runners are listed in a printout. If Saddlecloth/TAB order was the selected Print Order, horse No 1 would be at the top of the list, followed by horses No 2, 3. 4 etc. Win Percent Order (W%) would have the horse with the highest win percentage at the top of the list, followed by the horse with the second highest, and so on.

A coloured frame around a Ranking Order button signifies the print order for the currently viewed race. The example at left indicates that a printout would be printed in GTX ranked order even though the currently viewed race may be ranked in Saddlecloth/TAB order, or any other order. This means that information on the GTX top-rated horse would be printed first, followed by the second-rated, third rated etc.

Change Default Print Order

To change the Default Print Order, on the menu bar click on Setup, then Ratings. In the Ratings display Options box, click on the button of the Ranking Order that you would prefer to make your default print order.

Please be aware that the new setting is applied to race files as they are automatically imported into GTX following their download. All races existing on your computer at the time of changing the Default Print Order retain their previous setting.

In the example above, GTX Ratings has been chosen as the Default Print Order. The runners of subsequently dowloaded races will now be printed in this default order, regardless of which Ranking Order the race is currently being viewed in.  Unless you temporarily over-ride the print order...

Override Default Print Order

You can over-ride the Default and change the Print Order for the currently viewed race by holding down your <Shift> key and then clicking on your chosen Ranking Order button which will then be surrounded by a coloured frame.

To over-ride the Default Print Order for all loaded races, hold down the <Ctrl> and <Shift> keys and click on the Ranking Order button of choice.

These print order settings will be held for the races they were changed on until they are once again changed. If the meetings are reloaded into GTX on a future occasion, they will retain the 'changed' settings.

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