The System Developer

Introduction to the System Developer
The System Developer is an optional module of the WinlineGTX program and is unquestionably the most powerful and comprehensive analysis tool of its type available in the world of racing today.

The System Developer allows you to define winner profiles, create dynamic, contemporary systems, test theories, develop rule based selection systems, fine-tune rating formulas, analyse performances of jockeys, trainers, sires and so on.  

Spend the time, exercise your 'grey matter' and enhance your chances of enjoying success at the races. In short, make more money more often. You are limited only by your imagination and capacity to reason. Exercise your mind and reap the rewards...

The System Developer facilitates the analysis of vast amounts of historical race data by an almost infinite number of combinations and permutations of race parameters, horse parameters, form parameters, rating parameters and career statistics. There are more than 700 powerful 'Analyze by' parameters for each set of rules you want to analyse.

The historical data available for analysis accumulates daily, increasing by more than 1,000 races every month. The GTX System Developer ships with the previous 12 months historical data, which is augmented every week by the downloads covered by your subscription service. You can also download historical meetings which have been updated with complete results, dividends and all other post-race information.

Financial analysis of historical races is possible because the known TAB dividends (NSW, VIC and QLD TABs) and starting prices are added to the race files twice weekly. Use the past as an indicator for the future and enjoy success.

Two of the most common questions asked by serious punters are:

  • Which horses should I bet on?

  • How do I select the 'right' races to bet on?

Now, with six different ratings to choose from, a sensible new question to ask could be:

  • Which Rating should I use?

It is estimated that 95% of punters lose money and 3% break even.

Punters lose money for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is the percentage taken by the TAB or the poor odds accepted from the bookmakers. Another major reason punters lose is because the decisions that they make quite often lack logic.

I never bet on two year olds.
I never bet on wet tracks.
I always back the best jockeys
I never bet on horses drawn in wide barriers
I only bet on one of the first four favourites, after all they win 80% of races.
I never bet on Maiden handicaps.
I never bet on horses carrying big weights.
I never bet on horses resuming from a spell.
I never bet on horses backing up within seven days

I never bet on Mondays and Fridays... the pools are too small.
I only follow the leading trainers
I never bet on horses dropping back in distance by more than 200m
I only bet on horses with good win strike rates

Not one of these statements makes any sense 

The primary aim of most punters is to make a profit from betting on horses. Consider any one of the above statements in isolation. For example, if you could make a good profit backing two year olds why would you not want to do so.

The GTX System Developer was designed to allow you to test the efficacy of the ratings, develop your own unique 'Combined Rating' formula, determine which races to 'play' and which horses to bet on within those races and so on.

It is literally impossible to determine the number of combinations and permutations that may be tested using the System Developer. For example there are more than six million possible combinations of today's race distance ranges between 800m and 3200m alone.

Although at first it may not be obvious, it is possible to create millions of new and generally untested rating combinations by simply changing the percentages of the Combined Rating via the 'Setup - Ratings' menu.

Have fun and win more money more often

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