Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • Will the GTX program work through a firewall?

    • None of our programs - past or present (GTi, GTS, GTSi or GTX) - has had any problem connecting through any of the mainstream firewalls.

      You probably know this anyway but what usually happens is that the first time any program attempts to connect to the Internet, the firewall blocks the attempt and asks you if you want this program to access the Internet. You can answer yes or no. You can also choose to give the program access this time only, or for this time and all future times. Once permission has been given to allow the program access to the Internet any time it wants, you don't hear from the firewall again regarding that program.
  • I have just had one hell of a shock as I have just been online to check my home computer's broadband usage meter...hell, last month it used 2.3 monthly allowance is 500mbs and thats always been fine...the only thing I can think of that is different is that I have been using GTX. Can you give me some idea what kind of mb usage rates one can expect when using GTX please. Also, the thing I'm trying to work out is why it has been so much worse on my home connection than my office one.

    • I use a lot of bandwidth (not only with GTX which I use every day all day) so I keep a close watch on broadband usage for the same reason and I have never exceeded 2.5 GB in a month (I have a 3 GB plan)

      A member of our staff recently received an '80% of allowance' warning from his ISP. This was much greater than his usual downloads. He found, after a little investigation, that his 16-year-old daughter had discovered how to watch music videos online.
  • I would like to know how much download volume you might think I need with GTX, downloading files everyday and live tab prices, etc?

    • I give it a thorough workout and use between 1.2 gigabytes and 2.5 gigabytes per month (but I also use Betfair which eats bandwidth) so I would recommend at least a 3 GB plan if you are going to get live prices from all TABs for all races. It can be quite costly to go over a plan's limit.
  • Do you accept Amex as payment for your system?

    • Regrettably at this stage the secure e.commerce facility on our web site accepts only Mastercard and Visa.
  • I cannot get my Black Book horses to highlight on the Field View in GTX

    • If you have set up the Black Book properly GTX can only highlight horses during an import routine and IF the spelling is correct.

      Horses are flagged as being in or out of the Black Book at the first loading of a race after downloading, re-importing from your hard drive.

      For example, let's say you add a horse to the Black Book from the Field View screen of a race dated 30 October 2010. It is immediately flagged as being in the Black Book for that race and will be flagged for future races as they are downloaded to your computer. It will not be flagged as being in the Black Book for races prior to 30 October 2010 unless those races are re-imported.

      This also applies to horses being deleted from the Black Book.

      You will need to keep the above in mind if using the Black Book parameter in the System Developer.

      See more about Black Book in the online GTX Manual

  • I was adding horses to my black book, but as soon as I close the black book and open it again, it has chopped of a lot of the writing in my entry. Is there a limit to the amount for each horse or is it a bug of some kind?

    • The Black Book can be used in two ways...

      1. As a database which is most efficient but you are limited to 255 characters for each record. This is most probably the determining factor in your case.

      2. As a text file system (also known as "the old style Black Book") where you are not limited at all and each record can be time/date stamped. Each record has its own text file.

      For further details, please check out the Black Book section of the online GTX Manual
  • I wish to access your site but am not being allowed . I had an existing TRB username and password that your site won't accept so I registered another username and password and your site would'nt let me use that one either.

    • I have just visited the TRB web site and logged in with your username and password with no problems at all. Perhaps you have a non-standard security setting on your browser? Have you disallowed cookies, for example?

      If you use Internet Explorer try the following open Tools>Internet Options>Privacy

      Click on the Sites button in the Settings section which opens the Per Site Privacy Actions box.

      Enter in the Address of Web site text box, then click the Allow button, then OK.

      If using a browser other than Internet Explorer, you can get to Internet Options via the Windows Control Panel.

  • I have installed GTX on a replacement computer and want to register the new one. When I try to move on from page one of GTX registration Wizard, I find I cannot move on. It keeps rejecting my registration. I have tried Barry Beercan, Barrybeercan, and it tells me it cannot find it. What do I need to do?

    • Firstly, Barry Beercan is your real name; your Logon Name is GTX_XXX_999

      On the first page of the Registration Wizard, you need to select the option...

      'I would like to add this machine to my list of authorized GTX machines.

      Then click Next. On the next screen, in the Logon field, select and delete the text ENTER LOGON NAME HERE!, then enter your logon name, GTX_XXX_999

      Then do the same in the Machine field, and enter your original machine number - 999999999

      Then click Next, and on the following screen, click Send. You should then get (after a slight delay), a message saying that 'Your registration has been completed successfully'.

      If you have only one computer registered, you should get a message to the effect that you need to replace a machine number. (The reason for this is that you already have your allocation of machine numbers, and the new registration will exceed that, so you need to replace the previous, unused one).

      When you start GTX, click on About on the menu bar. You will then see the Build date, Logon name and Machine number. Please record these details in case you need them at some future stage.

  • I have a problem with the program. I have an icon on the desktop for GTX install.exe. When I click on this to open it, it goes right through the install rigmarole and, when I close the program, I lose any changes I have made. How do I put a GTX icon back on my desktop? Also, how do I make any changes stick so that when I open the program, the changes are still there?

    • The GTXinstall.exe is the program installer file that you downloaded from the TRB web site. This is used only to install or re-install the GTX program. You can leave it there for now if you want (in case you have to re-install) or you can move it to the 'Recycle Bin'.

      The only reason changes are not 'sticking' is because you are completely overwriting them by running the Installation program each time; that is, you are re-installing GTX each time instead of just opening it.

      To create a new Shortcut to GTX is not hard but have you tried using the menu option that was created during the installation?

      Click the Start button (bottom left) then click Programs and locate GTX then click on the GTX icon. If this doesn't work let us know and I will help you to create a shortcut on your Desktop.
  • Now that I have set up all my columns and ratings on my laptop version, are there files I can put on disk and copy onto my home PC once I've installed GTX there? So these setting just automatically come up.

    • If you set up each screen as you want it, then click Program>Save User Defaults (this can be done progressively), then copy the contents of <.\GTX\Data\cfg\def> and <.\GTX\Data\cols\def> to the same folders on your home PC. Then in GTX on the home PC, click Program>Restore User Defaults you should then have the duplicated settings on that PC. *Please see Update below.

      You can also move the Tool Bar settings which are stored in ...
      ... in the <.\GTX\Data> folder.

      Also check out the 'Copy files from another GTX installation' function, although this needs to have the two computers networked.

      *Update: Now, in the days of commonly available high-capacity USB memory sticks, once you have one GTX set up how you like it, you can copy the entire <.\GTX> folder onto the stick, plug the stick into your second computer, and use the 'Copy files from another GTX installation' function to copy whatever you want from the source GTX. It can also be done by writing to CD/DVD.

      Read about the Copy function in the online manual, including explanations of what data and configurations you can copy.

  • I have new visa card so you will have to process a new number for this months payment. How can I supply the new number to their a secure way through your website?

    • You should go to the TRB web site ( and click on Members, then Login using your GTX log in name (eg GTX_XXX_999) and password. Then click on Top Up Your Account

      Once you select the package to subscribe to, go to the checkout you will be transferred through to a secure area where you can conduct your card payment in safety. We don't get to see your card details and it is all done in complete privacy.
  • Last night when I was entering my video comments into the database my computer crashed - when I got the computer up and running again I found that all of my comments from the meeting I was working on were gone (user horse and user race) and also some comments were gone from a meeting I had been working on the previous night. This is obviously very frustrating but understandable, except I was surprised that my comments from the previous day were also deleted - can you offer any suggestions of how to eliminate this problem in the future?

    • When a computer crashes with so many databases open (GTX uses lots) it is possible (actually probable) that indexes and even databases will be damaged (sometimes permanently). GTX has tools to rebuild indexes and make you aware of damaged databases but naturally can't rebuild your data.

      The reason you lost the data was that it was still in the computer's memory, not saved to disk. You can force it to save by closing GTX. If entering a large amount of data, it would be wise to close GTX periodically to minimize possible data loss due to crashes etc.

      Tip: You can close, and thereby save the databases without exiting GTX by selecting Program>Database Maintenance and then just exiting the dialog box.

      According to the Programming Department, it is unlikely that you lost data that you entered yesterday during today's crash. More likely that it was never actually written to disk yesterday for whatever reason (crash, shutdown etc.).

      May I suggest that you familiarise yourself with the Backup and Restore procedures?

      Click Program>Database Backup and select the various databases (won't matter if you don't have data) and put "Confirmation ON" then Backup all databases. Check that they have been zipped up safely by checking contents of your <.\GTX\Backup> folder.
  • I have noticed sometimes when I am downloading meetings, that some other files that I haven't selected seem to download as well. Is this OK? What are they?

    • Files downloaded during a normal download are:

      (a) The meeting files that you have selected

      (b) The jockey file, if you have selected it.

      (c) The Prepost.dbf file which is the file containing the Early Odds markets. This is automatically downloaded if not already present on your computer - it does not need to be selected.

      (d) The list of forthcoming meetings which updates the list of meetings in the Download menu. This is automatically downloaded - no selection is necessary.

      (e) Messages. These are automatically downloaded if not already present on your computer. Messages can be sent to all users (usual), a group of users, or a single user, and can be a simple notification of a meeting abandonment or a redraw, or can be a more complex document regarding say, concepts involved in developing systems in the System Developer, or a summary of features in a program upgrade.

      (f) Late File. This is the Late Jockey file which is usually available from about 9.00 AM each morning although factors such as daylight saving can affect the timing. It is updated approximately hourly on the download site until the post time of the last race of the day, so it is wise to download this file more than once during the day if you want the latest available information.

      It contains latest available race information including:
      -   Jockey changes,
      -   Late scratchings,
      -   Track conditions
      -   Tips and Late Mail
      -   QRatings
      -   TAB codes to allow GTX to access live TAB feeds.

      (g) Dividends File. This is a file ( that is available on Monday and Friday afternoons and is automatically downloaded to your computer whenever you next connect after those times. It contains all the results and dividends from the previous ten days. It also contains other information available post-race such as final track conditions, TAB exotics dividends and Starting Prices.

      This post-race results service enables post-race analysis using the GTX System Developer.

      (h) Various maintenance files - usually with an .ABS extension. GTX automatically extracts data from these files to update databases that are used within GTX, including data such as new track names, jockey details, new sires, new trainers, new race classes and so on.

  • Hi, after downloading files for Thursday 4th and using the Meeting management to load meetings an error is displayed with
    Corrupt index tableC:\GTX\\data\module\alphalist.db and .06 or .07. Re-opening GTX starts correctly and appears to look ok until loading a meeting and then the above error comes up.

    • Close GTX. Using Windows Explorer or My Computer, navigate to, and delete the file...


      Then restart GTX and the automatic database checking function will detect that the file is missing, and replace it.

  • While trying to open my GTX programme a 'corrupt table' error message appears, naming the following. <C:\GTX\.\data\cols\rtwcols.db>

    • You appear to have somehow corrupted the Rating To Win screen. Please save the attached file <rtwcols.db> to <.\GTX\Data\cols\> ensuring that you overwrite the existing file. You should then open GTX and restore User Defaults, (Menu Bar, click Program>Restore User Defaults). If you had not saved User Defaults previously, you will need to set them up again.
  • After I download meetings and GTX reboots I get this error: not found.

    • The usual cause of this is that the download didn't complete. Just Connect and GTX will know that it is missing or incomplete and it will download again.
  • I get an error message in the System Developer: List index is out of bounds.

    • Log in and download a race file as usual and the problem will not exist.
  • 5 minutes ago I connected to GTX and downloaded today's late file. When the system was trying to import everything I received the following error message:
    No exact read/write
    File: C:\GTX\data\module\vidcom.mb
    Table: C:\GTX\data\module\vidcom.mb

    • Open the Video Comments database by clicking on the Video field in the Form screen, then Pack and Re-Index it.
  • I downloaded form for today's Metro meetings yesterday. I then downloaded the Latefile after 10am today. However, when I turn on the 3 states tote prices, Qld works but it says that Vic/NSW TAB codes not set yet and to download the late jockey file which I already have done. Is there a problem with TAB codes today and what should I do?

    • You should download today's Jockey file again. It is updated approximately every hour and will now probably contain the needed codes which were not available when the Late file was created or last updated.

      See more on the Late file in the online manual
  • What does the F and its different colours mean just to the right of the Win Pool for each TAB.
  • Is there a historical database included in the product or does it evolve over time as I start to download updates? Or doesn't it work like that? Can I look at particular races from history in detail?

    • GTX uses what could loosely be called 'disposable race files' which are created at least two days before the event. On race day some data is updated automatically... jockey changes, track conditions, scratchings, tab prices etc. and then after the race results are known the SP's, finishing positions, margins, TAB exotic dividends etc. are added automatically thereby enabling the program to use the data for various purposes.

      When you purchase the System Developer module you receive the most recent 12 months of race files within the fee. We sell additional race files "by the month" dating back to January 2000 and these contain all of the above.

      You can load any previous race/s to the screen just as you can a pre-race file.

      See more on the System Developer in the online manual
  • I was wondering how to find where the horses had their last start and what their odds where at that start.

    • When you have a race loaded just click on the horse's name in the Field View screen and you will see the horse's past runs in detail. The SP is one of the many fields that you can select to display. Right click the screen and use 'Select Columns'. See more on Selecting Columns in the online manual
  • In the form section there is a 'ranking' called 'ISF' (shown as IS). Couldn't find any reference to it in the help manual. What is it?

    • If you are referring to the System Developer the section for ISF relates to a rating (Individual Speed Figure). The new rating methodology is only one of many new features which will eventually be available to purchase.
  • Is it possible to export the jockey table in a flat file? As I could then manipulate the ratings, then re-import the file back. If not could you advise if I could have this function and at what cost.

    • You don't need to export the file to manipulate the jockey penalty. Simply click Setup|Jockeys and enter your new in the User field then select the option use my own ratings (User)
  • Is there any visible way to determine if the Qld Ratings have been entered yet, or to display the ratings on the fields page?

    I am testing a couple of systems which include Qld Ratings, and the selections can vary considerably from the nite before to raceday, which I'm assuming is because of the ratings being entered. I'm also assuming that the ratings are entered on raceday at some time.

    • As you are probably aware, the QRating is the Queenslad TAB's own rating, supplied free by them and passed on to GTX users by TRB. It is the same rating as you will see on each race on QTAB's web site but numbers are turned into true ratings with GTX. The System Developer can analyse QRatings just like any of the others. The top rated horse has a rating of 100 and other horses have rating values descending from that value.

      If you rank the field via the QRtg button on the Rank Bar, and have included the fields 'Generic Nett' and 'Generic Price' in the Field View via the 'Select Columns' function, you will see the ratings values in 'Nett' and the odds in 'Odds'. (The columns are titled just 'Nett' and 'Odds').

      The Tips and Late Mail flags will also be apparent if you have selected to display them.

      The QRatings are available to the public (and TRB) on raceday mornings, and are imported into GTX via the Late file, which is generally available by 9:00 am, depending on Daylight Saving. It is also frequently updated during the day.

      The generic use of this rating does not include any bonus or penalty adjustments. However, the GTX user is free to experiment with this rating by adding the bonuses and penalties within GTX, such as Jockey penalty, ADE, Consistency, barrier penalty. It is therefore possible for the user to create a new rating that is not used by any other user. There is nothing to stop you from assigning a value to the ADE, although it is not really "ADE" for ratings without QR's

      As TRB merely passes on this information as a service, we take no responsibility for its content, nor the reliability of its availability. This morning for example, as of the time of writing this mail (12.34 PM), we have not yet been able to extract the info from the QLD TAB web site. It seems to be a habit of various TAB sites to unexpectedly change access configurations, thereby making it difficult for third parties such as TRB to access the ratings, tips and late mail.
  • Most of the jockey penalties seem to be only 0. Am I missing something in my setup?

    • Under Setup>Jockeys, do you have the 'use my own ratings (User)' option selected?

      If so, please check to see that your 'User' column has valid penalties (and not 0.0)

      Also check the Setup>Ratings (Extended) for each rating showing 0.0 and make sure that you have the weighted value set to 100% and not 0%
  • I can't load the past races because they are showing 'blank' on the Meeting Mangement menu, even though I have all the races downloaded in the computer. Is there a way of loading past races that for some reason I seem to have 'lost'?

    • If the meetings are not showing in the Meeting Management list, you have probably re-installed GTX at some stage, so unless you deleted them you will still have the meetings you have downloaded and/or imported. You probably only need to do the following: click the Load Race button and in the Meeting Management menu click the Update Meeting List button. This will repopulate the list and display the list of available meetings available to load.
  • I'd just like to know whether jockey changes and changes to track conditions are automatically updated while I'm using the GTX program eg: if I'm wating for a race to start in my program and there's a late rider change or track up/downgrade will the program automatically update the race(s) or will I have to do it manually by reloading the late jockey file?

    • At about 9.00am on race morning we upload the first Late file and then progressively on about the hour. By about 11.00am most information such as track conditions, TAB codes, jockey changes etc. is in the Late file. However, we continue to update the Late file throughout the day. If you are working on your computer during race day you may download the Late file again.

      If you wish to change the track condition manually just click on the field that displays it in GTX until you cycle to the required condition indicator. More here...

      A file containing dividends is downloaded twice weekly and final track condition adjustments are made within that file so it's not essential to manually adjust unless you want to on the day.
  • I follow a system using Traffic Lights, based on horses run in last 5 days. It’s frustrating to check the results and see a Winner that I’ve missed. For example, Sandown today (1 March 05) Race 8, No 4 Dear Deputy ran on 25th February. Sportsman, published on Monday evening and distributed Tuesday, had the run listed but your files only had the 9th February run (the one before).
    Is there something that can be done at your end to pick up runs recently eg if you have to get your first file ready early & you update the form later, is it possible to pick it up in the late file download? Hoping you can help, as otherwise I’m back to checking detailed form guides at every meeting.

    • *Update: This situation is much improved since the original answer below was posted to the FAQ. If downloaded on raceday or the day before, race files generally contain horse's runs up until the second last day before today's run. For example, if today is Wednesday, the race files will contain horse's runs from the preceding Monday. The only runs we will miss is if a horse backs up on consecutive days, which is very very unusual. You will see daily RTF messages advising when the updated files are available, like so:

      The GTX files for Wednesday (10/11/10) have been rerun at 7:00am on Tuesday (9/11/10) to include horses backing up from Monday (8/11/10)

      So downloading Wednesday's meetings after 7:00 AM Tuesday would ensure that horse's form would contain Monday runs, if any.

      Original answer... The file for yesterday's Sandown meeting was created, as usual, on Friday even before Dear Deputy had raced. The official race results were only made available on Monday afternoon. However, if the meeting had been a county or provincial meeting it would not have been available until Tuesday or even Wednesday but certainly after Dear Deputy had raced yesterday.

      Unfortunately there is no current solution to cater for all possible situations...

      There is an overload of racing in Australia so we keep to the same timetable as Racing Information Services Australia Pty Ltd, the official supplier of racing information. They are locked into a timetable that enables racebooks to be published in time for distribution to race clubs. You would therefore not find the Friday run in the official racebook either.

      There is another consideration... for us to re-generate all race files in the hope that we might pick up some additional form runs would have some impact on our overheads. We would have no alternative but to increase the monthly fees to subscribers.

      However, we will consider if anything can be done to improve the chances of detecting these runs and re-generating some affected files.

  • I have struck a problem with the program. When I open it I get a date for the races of Tues 1-06-2004. Sub will lapse in 2039 days. (I wish.) Will you throw me a life ring, please?

    • For GTX to work correctly, your computer date and time need to be accurate and the Local Time (Setup>Local Time) needs to be correct.

      As you know, today is 28 April 2005. If you look at the date stamp on the email you sent us, you will see that it indicates that the date on your computer is 1 January 2000. If you correct that, your problem will disappear.

  • Hi guys, I can’t seem to download this morning - message reads ‘ftp server maybe busy, try again later or reboot’ – have tried that but no luck.

    • Have you installed or updated or upgraded a firewall or other security program (eg Norton Internet Security) since the last time you downloaded successfully?. Quite often these programs will not allow connection to our FTP site especially after the security program has been re-installed or upgraded. You may have to configure it to allow access. You will need to check the Help files or check the software company’s web pages to learn how to ‘Allow’ programs the access they need.

      More here...

      Once you know how to configure it, the file name of the program that needs to be ‘allowed’ is <.\GTX\GTX.EXE> and the address to which it needs access is <>

  • I noticed that the last User Flag I set for any day was not present when Day file was reloaded.

    • If you set a User Flag box for a horse in a race and then do not go to another race in the same file then the flag will not be set in the file when it is reloaded.

      Setting a flag then going to the Load Race button and loading anothermeeting doesn't set it whereas setting a flag and then going to next or previous race in same file does write the flag.

      No changes of any kind are saved to disk until you select a different race. The user flags are no different. I guess we could add another button and call it 'Save to disk' as we used to have but nobody used it then anyway. It would be best to just click to another race (and back if necessary) to be sure

      This is covered in the User Flag section of the online manual, which says: Once you have set User Flags in a race, you must click on a different race. This actions saves the flags to disk. If, for example, you load another meeting straight after setting the flags, the flags will be lost.

  • Is there any way of extracting other data (eg finish position, morning line rank and other ranks) from the system developer before racing so that it can be put into a spreadsheet without typing the data into the spreadsheet?

    • If I understand correctly what you mean, you can include the required data in a printout (as a TXT file) then import the file into Excel.

      There is quite a large section on the printout in the online manual.

  • The jockey tables are a very useful resource, however they would be even better if they were a bit more printer friendly! I can't fit the table across a single page.

    • I can see that the reason the jockey tables do not print directly from the web site on one page is because of the default margins set up in Internet Explorer (or whatever browser you use). They are quite wide, which means the information must wrap and then becomes misaligned. I'm not sure if or how you can widen the print margins in Internet Explorer but at the same time, we can't change the output to fit this much narrower gap as the print would be too small.

      If you would like to print the lists, the easiest thing to do is highlight the text, the cut & paste it into a word processor like Microsoft Word, or even the simple notepad program that comes with Windows. You can then adjust the formatting (including margins) to suit yourself.
  • What does it mean when the Class = none?

    • Dennis Walker has kindly provided the following information...

      The Race description is derived from a few restrictors and therefore often includes restrictions limiting the competitors to provide for a fairer competition.

      Class (e.g. Class 1, Class 2, Maiden, R0, Open etc.)
      Age restriction (e.g. 2YO, 3YO, 4YO+ etc.)
      Sex restriction (e.g. F&M, Mares, C&G etc.)
      Weight restriction (e.g. HCP, WFA, SW, SWP etc.)
      Group type (e.g. Group 1, Group 2, Listed etc.)
      Claimer (Apprentices can or can't claim)

      Consider a race restricted to 2YO

      The Class Could be Class 1, Class 6, Maiden, R0, R1 or None

      If you then consider this one group of races for 2YO horses where the Class is None there could be some with Sex restrictions. e.g None, C&G, F

      If you then consider this smaller group of races for 2YO horses where the Class is None and the Sex restrictions are None they could be further dissected by Weight Restriction. e.g. HCP, SW, SWP

      So... a Class described as 2YO HCP is just that... a handicap race for 2YO horses with no restrictions on sex.

  • Does the Formline Value relate to the Finpos?

    • Only indirectly. When calculating the Formline value for an already run race, the margin is just one of the factors involved in the calculation. The value for today's race is calculated from the Qualifying (historical) Run chosen by GTX.
  • In the System Developer, how is the Range in the Ratings tab different to the range you enter in Value eg. for SP rating?

    • Perhaps you just picked an incorrect choice for an example, but you will notice that SP on the Ratings tab does not have the option for Value.

      If you enter a range of values, for example in Rating>Formline>Value>include>Min 45.5>Max 65.0, you are entering a rule that will restrict the results to runners that have a Formline value in the range from 45.5 to 65.0.

      The Range tab is something else, and can be explained thus...

      Range relates to the difference in ratings values. A range of –10.0 Min and 5.0 Max would include all top-rated horses up to 10 points (or kilos) clear of the second-rated horse and all those up to 5 points (or kilos) less than the top-rated horse.

      A range of -99.0 Min and 5.0 Max would include all top-rated horses and all those up to 5 points (or kilos) less than the top-rated horse.

      A range of –99.0 Min and 0.0 Max would include all top-rated horses and all horses with the same rating value, ie all equal top-rated horses. (If Rank 1 Min, 1 Max not specified)

  • All of a sudden I am unable to load historical meetings into Field View. The Load Race Meeting Management screen doesn't show any meetings yet I have checked the file structure and they are on the hard disk. I'm able to use the historical data with System Developer.

    • Open the Meeting Management dialog box and run the ‘Update Meeting List’ option. This should not affect the operation of the System Developer if you have rebuilt your RPD - Race Profile Database
  • Why do you recommend the morning line price % to be 200% and not something like 118%?

    • I'm sure I explained this in a recent RTF message. Nevertheless, Morning Line prices are not like other ratings. They are originally generated as prices (not probabilities) without regard to a common pre-set market percentage using a traditional method adopted by the newspapers. You will notice in GTX that the market percentage for one race bears no resemblance to the market percentage in another... they vary between say 130% and 160% depending on field size and venue.

      We had user requests to enable people to ‘normalise’ the ML prices to enable comparative testing on the basis of probability. Hence the new ability to turn them into a ‘quasi-rating’. Unless you know why you would want to do this you should take our recommendation and leave them set to 200% which is a nominal figure used in an algorithm to maintain the original market percentage from one race to another.

      If the market percent for the Morning Line prices is set to 200%, GTX will maintain the original market%.

  • Just checking if NSW tote down as I can't get any odds on GTX? Vic & Qld Tote appear OK.

    • A couple of stuations could be causing this. Do you know if your computer date and time, and the Local Time in GTX (Setup>Local Time) are set correctly? These need to be correct for the TAB servers to work properly. Local Time needs to be reset each time Daylight Saving starts or finishes..

      Sometimes after a TAB server has been updated, a firewall or security program (such as Norton Internet Security) running on a user’s computer can block a program from accessing the Internet or a particular web site. It can also happen if the firewall or security progran has been installed, re-installed or upgraded.

      You can test this by turning off the security program or firewall temporarily and seeing if you can get the odds.

      We don’t know which program you are using so I can't tell you the details but there will be somewhere in the configuration or options in the program where you can 'allow' a program to access the Internet or allow access to a particular web site.

      The program you need to 'allow' is <NSW.exe>.

      The site you need to access is <>

  • Winform is now default print order even though GTX is checked under ratings.I've reloaded program and meetings,restored factory settings, but still the same

    • A full explanation of this can be found in the on-line manual, here.

      The default print option only kicks in during the file download/ import routine, so if you want to change the default since you downloaded just load the meetings you want to change, hold the [Ctrl] & [Shift] keys down simultaneously and click on the ranking button you want to be the Print Order for those races loaded at the time.

  • I am having a problem with GTX print set-up. When I set up my printout I inserted the ‘Stewards Coded’ field under ‘Form Heading’ followed by the ‘Xtra1 Rating’ field. When I print the printout all the columns line up with the headings except for the ‘Stewards Coded’ and the ‘Xtra1 Rating’ info. The ‘Xtra1 Rating’ info appears under the ‘Stewards Coded’ heading, straight after any info in the ‘Stewards Coded’ field.

    • The stewards fields are variable length and must be put at the end of the line
  • Could I ask for a minor modification please? When you do a Print Selections from the System Analyzer the columns do not line up correctly.

    • This is (mainly) due to the date field not being masked against a dd/MM/yyyy format - see below.

      1/12/2003 3:24 Moe 6 5 Vettori Gold CLASS 4.0
      10/01/2001 4:35 Devonport 8 8 Ever So Spritely CLASS 8.0

      This means that if you want to put the information into a spreadsheet, for example, there is a lot of reformatting required.

      Could you check that your Windows time formats are correct?

      Go to the Control Panel, click on Regional Options. Select the Date tab and check that the Short Date Format is set to dd/MM/yyyy. If not, change it to that and click 'Apply' then 'OK'. This option gives you the leading zero on date displays. This option prints my Selections with the date as, eg, 02/11/2004.

  • When opening GTX I get a message ‘Not PKZip file’ and GTX opens with blank screen. I can't select files to load and a ‘GTX must reboot’ pops up. Additionally the previously downloaded files in the ‘Meeting Management’ dialog box are all black.

    • A GTX-related file on your computer has been corrupted.

      Close GTX

      Delete file <.\GTX\Data\cfg\racefile.dsk>

      Open GTX and expect columns to be ‘squashed up and if so then click Program>Restore Factory Configuration then click Program>Restore User Defaults (however, this works only if you have previously clicked Program>Save User Defaults) The Field View will probably be blank, so you will need to load a meeting to populate the screen. Please do not try to load a meeting that was loaded at the time the problem occurred - this will result in the error occurring again.

      When the error is resolved, please then click the 'Load Race' button and select the meetings that were loaded at the time of the error (if you can remember what they were), and instead of loading the meetings, click the 'Delete Meetings' button.

  • I paid for my second license yesterday, and was told it would be right to go ahead as soon as I'd paid. This morning I tried to register using GTX-XXX-999 and machine number 9282914387 and get the error code "REG000" which asks me to check the details and contact TRB if the problem persists.

    • All Logon names use underscores, not hyphens. So if you try again and enter GTX_XXX_999, you will find the registration will proceed.

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