Tips and Late Mail

Tips and Late Mail are provided at no cost to you, compliments of the Queensland TAB.

We make no apologies for and take no credit for any results. We hope that they add an extra dimension of enjoyment to your usage and that they assist you to make sounder selections.

If the option has been authorised in GTX the Tips and Late Mail can be displayed in each race simply by clicking Setup on the Menu Bar, then Tips and Late Mail in turn. This needs to be done only once, and Tips and Late Mail will display on each race, when available, until you deselect them. A check mark will appear beside them in the list to indicate they are active. Colour highlighted symbols then appear beside the nominated horses in the Field View.

Tips appear with a mauve highlight, and Late Mail with a dark purple. If the Late Mail is not one of the original Tips, it appears with an L with the dark purple highlight.

To avail yourself of the Tips and Late Mail it will be necessary to download the Late Jockey file after midday each race day. If for any reason the TAB ceases to provide, we will not be able to provide... enjoy!

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