Ratings Display Options

Clicking on Setup>Ratings opens the Rating Display Options box and allows you to choose the Default Print Order for your form printouts, the style you would like GTX to display the various Odds/Prices and how many Points per Length you would like applied to your Photo Finish displays.

Default Print Order

As described in the Print Order section, Print Order is the term used to describe the sequence in which the runners are listed in a printout. If Saddlecloth/TAB order was the selected Print Order, horse No 1 would be at the top of the list, followed by horses No 2, 3, 4 etc. Win Percent Order (W%) would have the horse with the highest win percentage at the top of the list, followed by the horse with the second highest, and so on.

A coloured frame around a Ranking Order button in the Field View signifies the print order for the currently viewed race. The example at left indicates that a printout would be printed in GTX ranked order even though the currently viewed race may be ranked in Saddlecloth/TAB order, or any other order.

This means that information on the GTX top-rated horse would be printed first, followed by the second-rated, third rated etc.

The Default Print Order is the Print Order setting that is applied to race files as they are automatically imported into GTX following their download. The races retain this setting unless you Over-ride the Default Print Order for a currently viewed race or for all loaded races.

To change the Default Print Order to say, Saddlecloth/TAB order, click on Setup>Ratings, and in the Rating Display Options box, click on the Saddlecloth/TAB button, then click OK. All future races will print in the Saddlecloth/TAB order.


Odds/Prices Display Style

The GTX Prices and the Win Odds of the three TABs can be displayed in their columns in any of three styles; Tote Odds, Classic Prices or Decimal Odds.

To change the styles, click on Setup>Ratings, and in the Rating Display Options box, click the relevant radio buttons to make your choice, then click OK. The changes are immediate. Some examples of choices and their resultant styles are shown in the diagram below.


Points Per Length

The Points per Length setting allows you to adjust the margins of runners shown in the Graphical Photo Finish if the default setting is not to your liking. The Points per Length are initally set at a factory default setting, which is 1.5 points per length for the GTX Rating. This means that if two horses had a rating difference of three points, they would appear two lengths apart in the Photo Finish when GTX ranking order is selected.

This setting is again accessible through Setup>Ratings and is at the bottom of the Rating Display Options box that opens. To change the GTX Points per Length setting for example, place your mouse pointer on the existing value in the Points per Length row under the GTX button and repeatedly click the left mouse button to increase the number, or the right mouse button to decrease the number. An increase in the Points per Length number, for example from 1.5 to 2.0, will compact the field and a decrease, say from 1.5 to 1.0 will spread the field.

The diagram below shows three views of the Photo Finish from the same race, with the GTX Points per Length value at the default 1.5, and at 2.0 and at 1.0. The effect of the different values can be seen clearly by the varying positions of the chestnut horse, Perusen.  

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