The Win Pool Display

When GTX is connected to one or more TABs and is displaying the live TAB prices in the Win Odds columns of the Field View, the Win Pools Display appears at the top edge of the Photo Finish.

For example, the display above shows that the NSW TAB Win Pool on this race was $442,504 at the latest update time of 3:04:34 PM.

Hold your mouse pointer over the win pool amount and a tool tip will appear showing current pools for...



First Four

The Market Percentage

For this Win Pools feature to display, you need to have the relevant TAB columns on view in the Field View and you also need to click the column header buttons to connect to each TAB’s server. You need only select the columns of the TABs that you are interested in.

You can select from...

NSW Win Odds (and/or Place Odds)
VIC Win Odds (and/or Place Odds)
QLD Win Odds (and/or Place Odds)

TAB’s Position in Display 

Each TAB’s position in the Win Pools display above the Photo Finish appears in the order that the buttons are clicked; for example if you click the NSW server button first, the NSW figures appear on the left. If you then click the VIC server button, the VIC figures appear to the right of the NSW figures, and so on.


As soon as each TAB is activated, GTX connects to the relevant TAB server and retrieves the current prices and pools and then updates that information at the following intervals...

  • If more than 10 minutes to Post Time, every 2 minutes.
  • Between 10 minutes and 5 minutes to Post Time, every minute.
  • Less than 5 minutes to Post Time, every 30 seconds, until dividends are final.

The clock to the left of each pool amount indicates the time of the latest update of that pool.

You can get an instant update from any TAB by double clicking its Last Update time.

Win Pool Display Colour Coding

Last Update...

Light green background indicates pools HAVE changed since last update
Yellow background indicates pools have NOT changed since last update
Green background indicates pools have finalised


The background colours of the win pool amounts reflect each TAB’s colours as defined in the Edit_Colours menu, which is accessed via Setup>Colours.

The colours shown here are the GTX default colours. As with most colours, you can change these to whatever you choose, via the Edit Colours menu.

First Four...

This display at the right side of the win pools is no longer relevant and can be disregarded. It was designed to indicate if there was a First Four operating on the currently viewed race. The function was added to GTX when the TABs were operating First Fours only on selected races each day.

Now that every TAB operates First Four on every race, the red/green background is no longer working.

For Efficient Operation

The efficient operation of the TAB displays requires that your local time relationships are correct. (Adjust this via Setup>Local Time). The system time on your computer must also be correct.

The NSW TAB server checks and sets your computer system time every time the server is activated. The other TAB servers don’t do this.

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