Form Filters

Five pre-defined filters are provided to allow you to filter out certain runs from a horse's form displayed on the Form View. When a filter is selected, the lines of form meeting the filter's parameters are blocked with a dark background, allowing the unaffected lines of form to stand out with their normal colour backgrounds. More than one filter can be selected at a time, and all lines affected by any one or more parameters are blocked out.

Selecting the Dry Track filter, for example, would block out any of the horse's runs on Slow and Heavy tracks, leaving only those runs on Fast, Good and Dead tracks. The Form view diagram below shows an example of the Metropolitan filter in use.

The five form filter buttons with descriptive icons are located down the left side of the Form View and have already been set with parameters matching their descriptions; however any of them can be changed to suit your own preferences.  Please refer to Editing Form Filters for guidelines on configuring the Form Filters.

Wet Track Filter….Blocks out runs on Fast, Good and Dead tracks.
Dry Track Filter….Blocks out runs on Slow and Heavy tracks.
Metropolitan Filter….Blocks out runs on Provincial and Country tracks.
Same Distance....Blocks out runs at distances different to today.
This track....Blocks out runs at tracks other than today’s track.

Some care must be taken with the use of Form Filters as they are NOT de-activated when you change back to the Race Level Screen, when you exit GTS, or when you select other horses or meetings. The one and only way to de-activate them is to de-select the Form Filter button.

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