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The Black Book feature enables you to easily create notes of interest about any individual horse currently shown in the Field View. The notes are automatically linked to the horse, and its name is highlighted in black when an entry is created for that horse. When the horse competes in future races it will automatically be highlighted, indicating to you that it has an existing entry in your Black Book.  

The notes may be your own personal observations about a horse's ability in particular situations, opinions of racing commentators on radio or television, a consensus of a racing related Internet newsgroup, or comments appearing in a newspaper, magazine or web site - anything you consider is relevant and realistic and may have a bearing on whether you invest money on this horse in a future event.

Add a Horse to Black Book

(1)   Right-click on the horse's name in the Field View,  

(2)   The Edit Black Book window opens with the name of the horse in the text box at the lower left. Click the Add Horse button and a Black Book entry will be created for that horse.

(3)   Click once in the right pane. You are now ready to enter your notes. 


(4)   Enter your notes. This can be done by directly typing the notes, or by copying and pasting (Ctrl+V) from other sources such as racing or newspaper web sites. As it is possible that over an extended period, you will build up a series of notes on some horses, it is a good idea to start each note with the date of the entry in a similar fashion to the example below. This example also shows that the creator of this Black Book entry has chosen to indicate the source of the material, namely the Sydney Morning Herald. Once entered, the notes can be added to, or otherwise edited. 


(5)   When your notes are complete, click the OK button. The horse's name in the Field View will be highlighted in black, and it will be similarly highlighted in any future races in which it competes. 


On a subsequent run of any horse in your Black Book, (such as the example above, Grey Song's run at Flemington on 6 September 2003, its fifth start since its Black Book entry was created), right-click on its highlighted name and the Edit Black Book window will open, displaying your previous notes. 


Remember, you can edit or add to these notes any time you have further relevant information. 

Delete a Horse from Black Book

To delete, or remove, a horse from your Black Book, right-click its highlighted name in the Field View to open the Edit Black Book window, then click the Delete Horse button. 


Over time, some of your Black Book notes may become irrelevant for a variety of reasons. A horse could retire from racing for example, or perhaps move overseas. The Trim function allows you to trim, or purge, the Black Book database so that notes that have not been updated since the date you specify will be deleted from the database.  

To Trim your Black Book database, open the Edit Black Book window by right-clicking a horse's name in the Field View, or via Setup>Black Book on the Menu Bar. Then use the down-wedge button to open the drop-down calendar, navigate to and click on your desired cut off date, and finally click the Trim button, then click Yes to confirm and finally click OK to close the window. All records that have not been updated since the date you specified have now been deleted from the Black Book Database. 


Use Old Style Black Book

The Old Style Black Book employs a different format for collating the records of notes created by users, and was developed for use in the previous versions of the Winline series of programs, GTS and GTSi. Former users of those programs more comfortable with that type of black book may wish to continue using it, and GTX gives you that option.

To switch on this option, right-click on any horse's name or, on the Menu Bar, click on Setup>Black Book, which opens the Edit Black Book window, then click the Use Old style Black Book button. Then click OK. 



Add a Horse to Old Style Black Book

To add a horse to the Old Style Black Book, just right-click on the horse's name and the Black Book box appears with the horse's name in the text field. Click the Add button. 

A new text file is opened in NotePad (if you haven't specified a Notepad replacement) and contains the horse's name, its breeding and trainer's name. The file is automatically named with the name of the horse. For the example in the pictures above and below, the file name would be 'Grey Song.txt'. 


As it's a good idea to date-stamp your Black Book notes, click underneath the existing information to move your cursor from the top of the window. Then...

         Click on Edit on the NotePad menu

         Click on Time/Date

         Type in your own comments and/or details about the horse.

         Click on File then Save, and then close NotePad. 

Edit Your Notes in the Old Style Black Book

To add to, delete, or otherwise edit the notes of any horse in your 'Old Style' Black Book... 

(a) If the highlighted horse name is showing in the currently viewed race, right-click it to open the Black Book box, which will list the horse's name and inform you that it is in your Black Book. Click the Edit button.


(b) If the horse whose notes you want to edit is not in the currently viewed race, you can right-click any horse's name to open the Black Book box which will advise if the horse is, or is not, in your Black Book. Then overwrite the current horse's name with the name of the horse you want to edit. The message will now inform you that your horse 'is in your Black Book'. Click the Edit button.

(To delete the horse from your Black Book, click the Delete button instead of the Edit button, then confirm.)

Add or edit your notes in the NotePad window.

Save the changes and close NotePad.

Click OK to exit the Black Book box. 

*Important Note About Black Book

Horses are flagged as being in or out of the Black Book at the first loading of a race after downloading or re-importing from your hard drive. 

For example, let's say you add a horse to the Black Book from the Form View screen of a race dated 12 December 2003. It is immediately flagged as being in the Black Book for that race and will be flagged for future races as they are downloaded to your computer and imported. It will not be flagged as being in the Black Book for races prior to 12 December 2003 unless those races are re-imported.  

This also applies to horses being deleted from the Black Book. 

You will need to keep the above in mind if using the Black Book parameter in the System Developer.

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