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A typical view of Winline GTX is shown in the image below which was captured on Saturday, 19 December 2009, two minutes prior to to the start of Race 6 at Morphettville. This is the Field View, one of eleven different views, and the body of this view shows a spreadsheet type of arrangement showing all the runners in the race, and those horses that have been scratched.

The fields, or columns, of data relating to every runner are user-selectable and can be chosen from a list of approximately 100 available fields for the Field View. You have the choice of what order and in what font they are displayed.

Apart from this Field View, there are a number other views available, depending on your chosen data subscription, and each has a list of available fields relative to the screen's purpose. See Select Columns

In this image, the runners are sorted, or ranked, according to the GTX Ratings, one of a number of ranking orders, again depending on your chosen data subscription, and you can see that the user has chosen to include the TAB Win Dividends as some of the fields. These are continually updated direct feeds from the QLD, VIC and NSW TABs, if you activate them.

Place your mouse pointer over the different sections of this Field View image for identification of the various components and links to the related GTX online manual pages.

A few more features relating to the Field View...    

The Dividend Display

When viewing historical races in the Field View you will see a small text box at the top right of the Photo Finish window.

Expanding that will open a list showing the NSW TAB dividends for Trifecta, Win, Places, Quinella, Exacta, Superfecta and First Four for the currently viewed race.

These dividends are supplied via a twice-weekly Results and Dividends file which is automatically imported into GTX during a meeting download.


Tips and Late Mail

You will notice that several runners have mauve or purple tags assigned to them. These are Tips and Late Mail, which are provided at no cost to you, compliments of the Queensland TAB


Meeting tab Formats

Right-click on a meeting tab to change the format to one of the options shown here.



TAB Live Odds

Included in the Field View image are columns displaying the TAB Live Odds. GTX is able to display the current approximate dividends, or ‘live odds’, on offer for each horse in the race from the three TABs commonly known as the NSW TAB, the VIC TAB and the QLD TAB.

These are updated every two minutes if the race start is more than ten minutes away, and the refresh intervals shorten to 30 seconds when the race start is less than five minutes away


Default Print Order

You will see that there is a green frame around the GTX icon on the Ranking Bar.

This indicates that a form printout of this race would be printed in GTX ranked order even though the currently viewed race may be ranked in Saddlecloth/TAB order, Trakform or any other order. This means that information on the GTX top-rated horse would be printed first, followed by the second-rated, third rated etc.

This can easily be changed to any other ranking order that suits your preferences




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