Amend Post Time

Occasionally during a race meeting, something will happen that will cause the Race Club to put back the start times of the remainder of the day's races. 

The Amend Post Times feature allows you to adjust the post times, or start times, of the affected races. 

Click on 'Race - Amend Post Times' while viewing the meeting to be adjusted and the 'Amend Post Times' box will appear. 

A single click in the text box containing the start time will advance the time by one minute.

If, for example, in the sample above it was necessary to change the start time of Race 5 from 2:27 to 2:37, you would place your cursor over '2:27' and click ten times; or click and hold down the mouse button momentarily and the minutes will increase quite rapidly.

If you inadvertently go past the required time, using exactly the same procedure with the right mouse button will cause the minutes to cycle backwards.

You will, of course, then need to adjust the times of the following races by the required amount.

Once all times have been changed in the meeting, before doing anything else, you must reload the meetings for the changes to 'stick'.

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