Field View Screen

This is one example of a field view layout in GTX. You can customise up to 4 individual field view screens with a wide range of data. There are many additional fields not shown here.

Form View Screen

Up to 16 starts of historical form with various valued added intelligence such as ratings and video comments, depending on your subscription package.

Compare View Screen

Have any of these horses met in the past? Analysis of previous encounters and the changes to today's race can be a powerful method of confidently predicting that one horse will beat another. This screen shows the comparative details where two or more of today's runners have met in the past.

Last Start Differences Screen

What's changed today and how will that affect performance? Compare the important changes for each horse from their last start (i.e. class, weight, distance, barrier, jockey etc.) and analyse the horses you can expect to run better or worse today. Simple yet important details often hold the key to a race.

Trainer Runners Screen

A summary of the runners each individual Trainer has at the meetings loaded to your screen.

Jockey Rides Screen

A summary of the rides each individual Jockey has at the meetings loaded to your screen.

Horse Profiles

A personalised database where you can record notes about individual horses. GTX also contains a Black Book function as well as comment databases for meetings, races, Trainers, Jockeys and individual horse runs.

System Developer

The most powerful historical research tool available today! Analyse the strike rate and profitability of an infinite combination racing and form factors. Develop your own selection systems and generate the contenders each day with just the click of a button.



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